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Exploring global contacts in the past
for global understanding in the future


Contact History and History of Contacts

Founded in 2012, Civilizations in Contact is an educational charity based in Cambridge, England. We have carried out two projects funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, each of which brought history alive for approximately 300 primary school children in Cambridge and East Anglia. They were:

1) Bringing Pompeii and Herculaneum to Cambridgeshire Schools in 2013, and

2) Exploring Britain’s Viking Heritage with East Anglian Schools in 2014

In April 2015 we ran our first full-scale Holiday History Camp on Alexander the Great for secondary school students. Since then, we have run two more, one in August 2015 and one in April 2016, improving them each time.

We are planning to do more Holiday History Camps in the future on this and other topics.

Please see our Facebook page.

Registered UK Charity No. 1148995




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