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Dr. Sally Church is an invited speaker at the conference “Silk Roads Again II: Eurasian Studies in the Digital Age”

On the 8th and 9th of December Dr. Sally Church will be an invited speaker at the international conference ”Silk Roads Again II: Eurasian Studies in the Digital Age”, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea.  She is there at an invitation of the Asia-Pacific Research Center at Hanyang University.

The conference is the second in the ”Silk Road Again: Past, Present, Future” series. This year’s theme is the impact of the digital on Eurasia and Eurasian Studies. The participants will discuss how digital technology is shaping today’s Eurasia and how digital data and computational methods are changing the ways we engage with Eurasian Studies, while also exploring their imact on the historical connections that reach across and beyond Eurasia. The event strives to bring together scholars and experts from a wide range of fields. The diverse viewpoints of the conference participants will help understand how digitally inflected works might support area studies. The event organizers hope that the conference will help foster new collaborative initiatives, which would bring together academics and professionals from around the world.

Dr. Church is presenting in the session ”Travelling along the Silk Road in Virtual Space”. The session will focus on the ways to employ digital technology in the field of cultural heritage preservation and management. Dr. Church’s  presentation is on the topic: ”Armchair Adventures in Mapping the Journeys of Silk Road Travellers”.


Impressions of Henan University


The International Outlook of Henan Arts College (on the Old Campus) shows in the unusually multilingual representation of its name








The Great Ceremonial Hall (Da li tang 大礼堂)





The Henan University Motto: “Illustrious virtue and reinvigorated people rest in the highest excellence.” (Ming de, xin min, zhi yu zhi shan 明德新民止于至善)








 “In studying, the mind knows no bounds” (Xue wu xin jing 學無心境)








Dr. Sally Church and some of her students from Henan University at the South Gate of the University, with two students who came to visit from Beijing.