Dr. Sally Church delivers a series of lectures at Henan University, Kaifeng

By | 06/11/2017

In November, Dr. Sally  Church, currently a visiting lecturer at the Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development Research Center (Huanghe wenming kechixu fazhan yanjiu zhongxin  黄河文明与可持续发展研究中心 ), Henan University, Kaifeng,  delivers four lectures on the following topics:

  • Herodotus(c.484–c.425BCE), Thucydides(c. 460–c. 400BCE)  and the Beginnings of Western History
  • Augustine of Hippo   (354-430CE) and Directional History
  • Edward Gibbon   (1737-1794)and the Enlightenment View of History
  • Leopold von Ranke   (1795-1886) and History as an Independent Discipline

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The lectures continue the collaboration between Dr. Church and Henan University, established during her visit for a month last September (2016). In addition, in June 2017, Dr Church presented a paper at the “Axial Civilization Exchange and Inclusive Globalization” (Zhouxin wenming jiaoliu hujian yu baorongxing quanqiuhua 轴心文明交流互鉴与包容性全球化), the 9th Annual International Symposium on “Yellow River Studies”. Her paper at the conference was entitled “Faxian: China’s First One Belt One Road Traveller (399-414)”.

In her brief speech at the opening of the conference, Dr. Church stated: “At this stage, the world is facing serious environmental problems. China has taken effective measures to manage its environmental challenges, recognising not only its position in the world, but also its responsibility”.  Dr. Church also shared her expectation that the international high-level forum would enable more scholarly exchanges and the promotion of sustainable development as a global goal.

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