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Dr. Sally Church delivers a series of lectures at Henan University, Kaifeng

In November, Dr. Sally  Church, currently a visiting lecturer at the Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development Research Center (Huanghe wenming kechixu fazhan yanjiu zhongxin  黄河文明与可持续发展研究中心 ), Henan University, Kaifeng, delivers four lectures on the following topics:

  • Herodotus (c.484–c.425BCE), Thucydides (c. 460–c. 400BCE)  and the Beginnings of Western History
  • Augustine of Hippo (354-430CE) and Directional History
  • Edward Gibbon (1737-1794)and the Enlightenment View of History
  • Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886) and History as an Independent Discipline

More details about the lectures can be found here:


Impressions of Early 13th century Central Asia as seen in the poetry of Yelü Chucai

“Impressions of Early 13th century Central Asia as seen in the poetry of Yelü Chucai”, a lecture by Dr Sally K Church, University of Cambridge researcher, and Prof. Qiu Jiangning, Zhejiang Normal University will be held on 18 October at 4 pm in Room 209, Department of History, Nanjing University. READ MORE






The Silk Road and Sino-Foreign Agricultural Exchange

The third annual conference of the Purdue University-Nanjing Joint Centre for China Research, held at Nanjing Agricultural University on 21-22 October 2017, has attracted great academic interest both in China and abroad. The two universities agreed to set up this Joint Centre in 2014 in order to promote Sino-American academic exchange and discipline development. Since then, interest in this academic collaboration has been growing dramatically. READ MORE